Myanmar Newspapers | List of Newspapers in Burma/Myanmar

List of Newspapers : Burma/Myanmar
Burma / Myanmar Newspapers List. Read myanmar Newspaper online. Myanmar daily newspapers, online newspapers and online news media web sites.

  1. The Yangon Times Daily.
    Website : Yangon Times Facebook

  2. 7Day News Journal, 7Day Daily Newspaper.
    Website : 7Day News Journal Facebook Twitter

  3. The Myanmar Times, get updates, photos and videos about breaking news, politics, culture and opinion.
    Website : The Myanmar Times Facebook

  4. The Irrawaddy magazine and its Web site cover Burma and Southeast Asia, providing in-depth news and information to international readers.
    Website : The Irrawaddy (Burmese Version) Facebook

  5. Popular News Journal.
    Website : Popular News Journal Facebook

  6. The Express Times journal for business information in Myanmar. Weekly Express Times journal is distributed throughout on paper, website and iPad.
    Website : The Express Times Facebook

  7. The New Light of Myanmar.
    Read PDF : English Version
    Read PDF : Myanmar Version

  8. The Mirror.
    Website : The Mirror

  9. Narinjara provides daily news (English and Burmese version) accurate and reliable information about political, social, and economic developments in Arakan State.
    Website : Narinjara Facebook

  10. Mizzima News – (Burmese).
    Website : Mizzima Burmese Facebook Twitter

  11. First 11 News Myanmar.
    Website : Eleven Myanmar Version
    Website : Eleven English Version
    Find on – Twitter

  12. Myanmar Muslim Media (M.M.M).
    Website : Facebook

    English Language Newspapers List :

  13. The Myanmar Times, the Myanmar’s first international weekly published both in English and Myanmar Language. Get the latest national & international news, Business News, Property News, lifestyle, travel news etc.

    Website : The Myanmar Times Facebook

  14. The Irrawaddy – Informative, analytical and in-depth reporting on Burma or Myanmar, its neighbors and Southeast Asia.

    Website : The Irrawaddy Facebook

  15. Mizzima News. Mizzima provides timely national & international news, culture, lifestyle, entertainment, travel & tourism news, sport news, features and analysis on Burma/Myanmar.

    Website : Mizzima News Facebook

  16. The Voice Weekly. The Voice Weekly Journal & Living Color Magazine

    Website : The Voice Weekly Facebook Twitter

  17. Narinjara – Independent Arakanese News Agency. (English and Burmese version). Covers information about political, social, and economic developments in Arakan.
    Website :

  18. Burma VJ Media Network – citizen journalism.

    Website : Burma VJ Media Network Facebook

  19. BBC Burmese.

    Website : BBC Burmese Facebook

  20. VOA Burmese.

    Website : VOA Burmese Facebook

  21. European Rohingya News
    RECENT PHOTOS, News, PRESS RELEASE and more from Europe.
    Website :
  22. Rohingya VisionTV
    Website :

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